Anastasia Girl: Desire Girl


“This fashion is really thoughts meltingly and gorgeously wonderful,” wrote Seth. “Her face and eyes, styling and make-up are brilliant and hypnotizing. Simply sweetheart nicely-shaped and personified. A real woman.”

Anastasia switches out of her taut sundress right into a chick woman and will get into couch. The sensual French Desire Girl does an glamour striptease. Bare in high-heeled shoes, Anastasia frigs her cootchie and playthings her butt. The pleasing builds and builds. Anastasia hammers her gspot and spunks firm by way of kneading her cootchie along with her plaything.

SCORELAND: What do you love to put on on a lovely, scorching day?

Anastasia Girl: If the elements is highly lovely, I love to put on mini-skirts and mini-tops that hug my gigantic mausers neatly.

SCORELAND: What makes your nips the toughest?

Anastasia Girl: When a man gobbles my fried eggs with sensuality-Oh my god-my nips changed into the toughest ever!

SCORELAND: Do you favor your nips deep-throated firm or sensitive?

Anastasia Girl: I’d say I choose when a man gobbles my fried eggs in a sensitive means. My nips are highly gentle. I perceive completely the entirety! Even after trio breast jobs, I hunkers perceive the entirety!

SCORELAND: What stance do you sleep in?

Anastasia Girl: I understand it hunkers wonder a pile of other people however in fact I enjoy slumbering on my tummy! My fried eggs do not indeed hassle me, to be fair.

Date: July 2, 2021