A Gal & Her Brassieres


Elle Flynn was once a huge-boobed bartender. Believe that. Believe Elle in a little Shirt, her pointy nips tightening towards the sheer material. That may not be essential. Elle is already dressed in a little Shirt and cock-squeezing boy-shorts when this demonstrate starts.

Elle attempts on a multitude of killer hooter-slings of all sizes. Her 36DDD nippies (44-inches, as measured via our dressing apartment stylist) have an good form. “I all the time get gawped at,” says Elle. “Fellows. Women. They enjoy my loaves. It makes me perceive killer.”

Elle says her exclusive ability is “Trivialities. I am lovely superb at trivialities. I plan to be on Jeopardy someday.” Elle has a lot more within the exclusive skills division than trivialities.

Date: July 7, 2021