“I love to shop for fresh footwear. And I do know that my heel dude enjoys it, too. When I am getting a fresh ninnies, we’ve got a ritual. I style them for him after which we destroy them in in combination. I de-robe them off leisurely and I will pulverize the gaps inbetween my feet with the heel till his meatpipe is rock-hard and my cunny is dribbling moist. Then I will deep-throat the stilettos, one after the other and finger my cunny whilst he witnesses. Understanding that he’s tugging his prick only for me makes me highly naughty. At times he blows a load in my footwear and I let it douse in. That manner, after I put them on, I fanny sense the dried spooge on my nude feet all day. And after I come house, I order him to his knees and let him deep-throat on my musky soles till they are tidy.”

Date: June 26, 2021