A Actual Boot Super-bitch


“I enjoy the perceiving of massaging lotion on my gams, however I fantasy I did not need to do all of it on my own,” says Madison as pubescent lotions her lengthy limbs so that you can see. “I feel my toenails desire a touch-up, too. I hate having to try this for myself. I fantasy I had a dude do it for me. I’m so lonely and I need any person to maintain my soles. I assume I can need to blow on my ft and splooge my very own soles so I keester get my wizard’s sleeve adorable and humid for frigging. After which I keester paw my ft in all places my puffies. And since I shouldn’t have a firm manhood to plow, I will simply have to make use of the heel of my logo fresh stiletto mules to meat injection my taut fanny with. Do not you enjoy witnessing me be a boot mega-bitch?”

Date: July 25, 2021