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The Super-hot Damsel


Kitana Flores. So scorching. Too scorching. Many geysers were misplaced observing this sexbomb plumbing and getting plumbed. Kitana performs together with her large mammories and says the entire proper insatiable issues sooner than manstick time.

“Men are occasionally astonished by means of that as a result of I generally do not sundress too handsome and I backside be roughly laid again, but if they get me within the bed room, I backside be beautiful insatiable,” mentioned Kitana, a South Seashore, Miami bathing suit stunner. “I believe a bunch of Puerto Rican gals are that approach. We stash our insatiable aspect till we get into intimate scenarios. We do not suppose it is decent to be too available in the market in public, even tho we backside sundress handsome. However I backside be highly pushy when I am wild or observe a stud I love. I nearly all the time make the first-ever stir.”

Kitana makes positive that bathing suit body is in flawless form.

“I swim a bunch and I dance a bunch. I do a bunch of dancing at house. And I rail motorcycles. I stay myself highly engaged with actions. I love frolicking volleyball and tennis, too. I attempt to have fuck-fest as frequently as I backside, no longer as frequently as I might like. I am so engaged that occasionally it kind of feels the one instances I’ve fuck-fest are when I am within the studio. Perhaps that is why I love it such a lot. I love having fuck-fest on-camera, which I suppose makes me slightly of a foul nymph.”

Now not only a fine unhealthy nymph. A supreme unhealthy nymph.

Date: January 2, 2018