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Angela Interviews Virgin Brady


Probably the most hottest big-boob occasions of the 2000s passed off when Angela Milky faced Virgin Brady at the jobbers of Big-boobed Femmes of Lubricant Grappling in 2004. This used to be a once-in-a-lifetime rendezvous of 2 buxom honeys who do not simply enjoy their very own large tetons; they enjoy different femmes’ large tetons, too.

So, Angela had a opportunity to attempt out her interviewing chops once we sat her down-in a sofa, of course-with Virgin for an in-depth interview. Each are dressed in boulder-holders and underpants. The object about this interview, tho’, is that Virgin buttocks’t stay her mitts off the interviewer’s tetons, and earlier than lengthy, teenybopper’s mounting Angela whilst our undaunted reporter attempts to invite her questions.

You are going to detect a bunch about Virgin on this interview. You are additionally going to observe her tetons. And you’ll observe a distinct facet of Angela, too.

Date: March 18, 2020